Arrested and Convicted of Battery

In August of 2017, the former Navy SEAL and defense contractor, and as we learned above, the formerly convicted batterer Chris Osman found himself slumped over in the back of a jail cell in South Bay Detention Facility being help on twin felony counts of assault and battery. The former Marine had been arrested and booked by the San Diego County sheriff’s deputies after an incident of road rage on Ebony Ave. in Imperial Beach, California.

Osman was seen pummeling a teenage motorist after the boy had swerved into Osman’s lane without seeing him. A neighbor to the incident was able to pull Osman off the boy. Osman fled the scene immediately and was later arrested.

Osman, with an eyewitness account of the act of rage, plead guilty in Superior Court in Chula Vista, California near San Diego to a sole count of misdemeanor assault in December later that year.

A guilty, shameful man

  • In the third phase of BUD/S training for the SEALS team, Chris Osman had given up and quit the course, getting out of the water BEFORE the whistle was blown.
  • He FAILED the SEAL sniper program.
  • He was performance-rolled into a platoon’s diving block of training.
  • He was sent home from an Afghanistan deployment due to an alcohol-related incident.
  • He was sent home from Afghanistan because he assaulted an Air Force officer.
  • Chris Osman is guilty of years of infighting with his former Navy SEALs teammates. His social media accounts are filled with incorrect and inflammatory comments made about fellow former SEALs. So much so that it dwarfs the few positive moments of self-promotion he posts.

Ex-Navy SEAL Sentenced in Road Rage Attack

Chris Osman is a prime example of the many living and breathing soldiers that come home after the fight and without the amount of mental toughness needed to escape psychologically unharmed, instead many come back to the states with extreme amounts of sadness, sometimes overwhelming amounts of hate that get directed in every direction as it can't be controlled. Like Chris Osman, they return home casualties of war. The Chris Osmans of the world have exaggerated their ability to actually cope with the war in which they fought. Osman’s design company, Chris Osman Designs, leverages many of their social media accounts, namely their Instagram platform, to do what a surprising number of Navy SEALS do that return home ‘casualties of war’, they develop the habit of 'eating their own'.

Good job, Chris - we applaud you.

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