Chris Osman Designs... ?

A self-acclaimed "designer".

Are these the kind of toys you want your kids playing with?!

Chris Osman is a guilty, shameful man

  • In the third phase of BUD/S training for the SEALS team, Chris Osman had given up and quit the course, getting out of the water BEFORE the whistle was blown.
  • He FAILED the SEAL sniper program.
  • He was performance-rolled into a platoon’s diving block of training.
  • He was sent home from an Afghanistan deployment due to an alcohol-related incident.
  • He was sent home from Afghanistan because he assaulted an Air Force officer.
  • Chris Osman is guilty of years of infighting with his former Navy SEALs teammates. His social media accounts are filled with incorrect and inflammatory comments made about fellow former SEALs. So much so that it dwarfs the few positive moments of self-promotion he posts.

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